Name: 17″ Manul High-End Guillotine Stack Paper Cutter Price: $279
Make: Guillotine Year: 2020

The desktop stack paper cutter is a high-end guillotine paper cutter armed with patents. It is equipped with a machined all steel side gauge with 1/32” resolution measurements and rail-based all steel back support arm. The blade on this unit is a hardened steel, razor sharp, It will easily cut stack paper in approx 1.5". The adjustable side guage and firm clamping system assure a clean straight cut every time. The back support arm can easily be flipped up to accommodate larger and longer documents. It also comes with an all steel base protected with scratch resistant coating. The maximum cutting width of this model is 17” and the thickness capacity is 500 sheets of 70G bond papers.

All metal heavy duty for commercial and professional uses

Functional design armed with patents

Adjustable blade height

Blade is made of speed steel, and can be re-sharpened and replaced

Adjustable back and side guides

Adjustable paper clamp firmly holds paper stack in place while cutting

Automatic safety lock prevents accidental cutting

Cutting width: 17"

Stack size: up to 300 sheets (regular 20 lb copy paper)

Package dimension: 28 X 26x6 "

Package weight: 48lbs

83 Dynamic Dr. #6

Toronto, ON M1V 4C8


Name: Professional
Phone: 6479691208
Address: Toronto, M1V 4C8 Onatario, Canada