Name: Commissioner of Oath and Affidavits $50 Price: $50
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Commissioning Oaths and Affidavits

* Affidavit of service

* Affidavit of name changes

* Affidavit for insurance claims, including stolen vehicles

* Affidavit to transfer ownership of vehicles

* Affidavit for OSAP applications

* Affidavits of marital status

* Any other affidavit required by law

Statutory Declaration

* Statutory declarations regarding lost, stolen or damaged passports

* Statutory declarations regarding ownership of property

* Statutory declarations of marital status

* Statutory declarations confirming identity

* Any other statutory declaration required by law

Writing letters, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations

* Letter of invitation for visitors to Canada

* Consent to travel letters

* Affidavits of identity

* Affidavit of Marriage

* Affidavits to OSAP application

Please make a note:

• For this appointment, I will need to see two government picture identification documents (driver’s licence, passport, etc.) to verify your identity.

• The documents that need to be signed by you must need to be signed in my presence. Please do not sign them before our appointment.

Contact: 416-720-7919

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Phone: 4167207919
Address: Brampton, Ontario L6V 2P5, Canada