Name: Volta T – Electric Motorcycle | No License or Insurance Required Price: $2,999
Make: Volta Year: 2019

Did we mention an electric motorcycle with no license or insurance required? Yes! 1-800-571-6711 or

The Volta T is here! The perfect full size motorcycle is now available for purchase. Our electric motorcycle is built to provide the highest quality of transportation for all users.

On Sale for a limited time! Financing also available! Call us now 1-800-571-6711

Manufactured to abide with federal laws, this electric motorcycle has a 500W or 2000W motor and maximum speed of 32KM/HR (maximum allowed by law on-road) and 65KM/HR Off-Road. The Volta T comes equipped with a 72V/20AH or 72V30AH lead-acid battery which is the same as what most cars use instead of lithium ion as lead-acid batteries are much more durable in various weather conditions.

The Volta T electric motorcycle can travel up to 65KM on a full charge. We supply a UL Certified charger and equip the motorcycle with disc brakes to ensure maximum safety.

Name: Retail
Phone: 8005716711